Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation

Keeping You In Motion

A physical approach to kick start your brain to restore your movements.

Musculoskeletal rehabilitation is designed for people with complex orthopaedic, post surgical, neurological and musculoskeletal conditions. The focus is to help patients to optimise healing and overcome challenges through tailored exercise programmes and manipulative techniques to restore the lost function and to achieve the highest degree of independence.

After a musculoskeletal injury or surgery, pain and other symptoms, depending on their severity, can greatly impact your daily life activities, creating a more demanding and stressful situation for you and your family. IRC will help you find solutions for your problem and provide you with the recommended therapy, while guiding you through every step of your recovery.

Road To Recovery

It is not the end of the road

Five Keys to Unlock Your Potential

Going beyond the symptoms

In today’s fast-paced world, sometimes you just want a “quick fix” to get back your life.

However rushing or skipping steps, and not addressing the cause of the symptoms will not benefit you in the long term and it’s better to take the time to complete your rehabilitation program thoroughly.

Move to heal

The human body is designed to move. From bones to cells, a lot of body functions only happen through movement. Keeping active is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

Use it or lose it

When you don’t move and don’t exercise enough, you’re moving towards muscle weakness, decreased mobility of the joints, loss of bone density, changes in cardiovascular system and metabolism.

The good news are, this works both ways and it’s never late to regain your life!

Your recovery is not limited . Believe in higher recovery. The brain will stop recovering ONLY when you stop working on it.

Don't suffer from pain in vain

Prioritse yourself, your health and wellbeing.  You deserve to enjoy life fully.

Physiotherapy can improve mobility, function, strength and quality of life without surgery or prescription drugs.

Helping you help yourself

First, we help you to get back in motion and to the life you love.

Then we teach you how to help yourself, keeping healthy and enjoying life.

Expert Care

Work Related


Balance &

Mobility &

Back & Shoulder
Pain Management

Spasticity Management
& Splinting

Deep Tissue Massage
& Soft Tissue Mobilization

Cartilage, Ligament,
Muscle, Tendon Injury

Articular Mobilization
& Manipulation


Home Exercise Programme,
Advice & Education

Postural Correction
& Re-education