Road to Recovery

It is not the end of the road

It is never too late to start your journey.
On the road map of recovery, everyone is different
and we can tailor your needs depending on your stage of recovery.



Free Consultation


In your first appointment we start by getting to know you.

All our patients are important and we understand your problems and your frustrations. It is important that you are helped to make your life meaningful and as fulfilled as possible.

Our consultation is completely free!


Initial Assessment


During your initial assessment we will complete a specialist assessment to understand your present condition to set realistic goals from further therapeutic management.

We will guide you in every step of your journey to achieve your goals.

Goal Setting


Goal setting is central to the process of rehabilitation.

Setting goals can be the stepping stone to a happier life which gives you a long term vision and short term motivation.

We will help you set goals for yourself which motivate you.

Treatment Options

Individual Assessment & Report


Everyone deserves the best possible care.

We accept and respect each individual at different stages of recovery. If you are seeking a specialist assessment and report we are happy to provide you a detailed assessment and recommendations including goal setting and treatment plans in your report.

Home Assessment & Equipment Prescription


IRC offers you a comprehensive home assessment to maximise your independence for the common challenges you may experience in your own home after an injury or illness or even general raging process.

We assess each individual on a personal level to address the problems of daily living activities and recommend appropriate small and large equipment and adaptation to meet your requirements. Once we identify your equipment need, we can work with your local authority or with local equipment providers for supply and fitting.

Specialist Assessment & Exercise Prescription


IRC offers a specialist assessment and bespoke exercise prescription for individuals  with Musculosketal and Neurological injury, to continue physical activity to increase functional capacity.

Our clinicians will review the progression and duration of the programme to accelerate your recovery. This allows you to continue your exercise at your own pace and in your own home. We are happy to train your family and carers for your home exercise programme. If you do not have family present then you are not alone, as our rehabilitation technicians can come and assist with your exercise programme.

Rehabilitation Package

Home-Based Rehabilitation


IRC offers a flexible, convenient and tailored service, where and when you want it .

If you cannot come to us then our mobile service can come to you. We provide professional treatment in your own home. We also visit private homes, residential and nursing homes within the Croydon and Sutton council areas.

Clinic-based Rehabilitation


IRC offers a dedicated intensive rehabilitation on both clinic and home based service packages. 

We know that each individual is different with different problems so we understand your situation and tailor our package to suit your needs. We always provide the same quality of treatment, aiming to bring your goal to life .

Short-Term Rehabilitation


Short-term rehabilitation programmes enable individuals to maximise their functional ability through goal-directed activities.

We work towards your agreed goal to to optimise your potential within a short space of time.We recommend smaller package ranges from a 4 – 6 week session or 6 – 8 week sessions depending on your requirement.

Your progress is closely monitored by our clinicians to achieve your goal.

Long-Term Rehabilitation


On-going rehabilitation is vital to restore your functional ability and to relearn the skills, no matter which stage of recovery you are at and it is never too late.

For degenerative neurological conditions it is important to continue the rehabilitation programme to minimise the disability and to promote the maximum independence. This prevents unnecessary hospital admissions and reduces the number of people admitted into nursing homes.

Also patients discharged from the hospital or community rehabilitation services may be left with no ongoing rehabilitation but IRC embrace our dedication in reaching all unreached people by filling the gap, to provide ongoing support as long as you need it.